I am wondering if there is anyone on this forum that might understand anesthesia billing for a CRNA in a Critical Access Hospital billing under Method II? I have a question regarding the QZ modifier. We are getting claims returned to us when we place the modifier on the claim the return reason is: (through IVANS)

For dates of service on or after 10/01/02: The QZ modifier must be billed with CAH O/P (TOB 85X) CRNA (Rev CD 964) Anesthesia (HCPCS 00100-01999) Services for method II (j) Provider that qualifies for pass thru exemption (Rural Cert Y) but chooses to give up the exemption for CRNA professional services (CRNAI Y).

What does the last part of this reason mean? Does this mean we qualify for the exemption or is this a blanket statement? What is a pass thru exemption for anesthesia?