I'm not sure what's correct for this visit:

The patient was seen on 8/1 and the decision was made to proceed with a partial mastectomy. Consent forms were signed and surgery was scheduled for the end of the month. The patient was seen again on 8/10 because she had questions about the procedure and recovery time. Since the decision for surgery had been made at the 8/1 visit, the 8/10 visit was not charged. (8/10 visit is being considered global since the decision for surgery was already made and the visit was related to the surgery)

The patient has decided to postpone the surgery and it has not been rescheduled. (she's seeking another opinion) In this case, does the visit on 8/10 now become billable? Or should it be left as a global visit since a surgical plan was in place when the patient was seen on 8/10?

Haven't had this come up before now, and I'm interested to see how everyone else handles it.