Just throwing this out there, but has anyone ever heard of an insurance company trying to bribe or offer gifts to a claims rep at a doctors office/corporation?

I work for a large corporation, and one employee is the only one managing this major insurance company. Shes been at the company for 15 years + - I don't know if on the same account though.

I have a feeling that she sabotages certain claims by sending wrong info.. not all the clinicals...ignores us when we tell her to use website clippings of the authorization...etc. She just refuses to help get certain claims paid for some odd reason yet she works for the provider's group. You would think by her responses and actions- she works for the insurance company.

Her actions don't make any sense given her experience. Could she just be lazy or is it possible that she's formed a relationship with the provider advocates who work at the insurance company?

Appreciate your input.