Hi, I am new to Gastroenterology my (question is; does this warrant added on code 43273 (bile duct was deeply cannulated with the short nosed traction sphincterotome, contrast injected, I personally interpreted the bile duct images). see note below for detail:

The esophagus was successfully intubated under direct vision. The scope was advanced to a normal major papilla in the descending duodenum without detailed examination of the pharynx, larynx, and associated structures, and upper GI Tract. The upper GI tract was grossly normal. The bile duct was deeply cannulated with the short - nosed traction sphincterotome. Contrast was injected. I personally interpreted the bile duct images. There was brisk flow of contrast through the ducts. Image quality was excellent. Contrast extended to the entire biliary tree. The cystic duct was obstructed. The common bile duct contained multiple stones, the largest of which was 6 mm in diameter. The common bile duct was mildly dilated and diffusely dilated. The largest diameter was 10 mm. An 8 mm biliary sphincterotomy was made with a traction sphincterotome using ERBE electrocautery. There was no post sphincterotomy bleeding. The biliary tree was swept with a 12 mm balloon starting at the bifurcation. 8-10 stones were removed. No stones remained.

Physician reported CPT codes: 43264 43262
Is this correct, or can we bill 43273 too?

Appreciate any comments.
Michele CIRCC