In my audits now on how they r scoring is weird and not sure how they r coming up with these numbers. I work for a hospital and code outpatient, I am getting dinged on my primary do. And as well my second codes. If it was documented in the assessment but nothing planned for the condition or at least specialty eye accounts donít document very well. What r the guidelines that meet the M. E.A.T guidelines, because I will have the MD just state observe for his plan, or maybe say a history of surgery but nothing else about it, maybe the eye MD might say when he had surgery in the HPI, but thought we canít use the HPI, please clarify or if thereís a website to understand what to code and not to code, primary and secondary codes. I followed the
CM guidelines, but if they had surgery I was told that would
Be my primary dc. Since itís a new problem instead of it originally being a Diabetic eye exam. I was told that DM shouldnít be my primary would like your opinion on this too