I need clarification on this AAPC Documentation Dissection regarding CPT 50947 (http://cloud.aapc.com/Learning/Story...slide%2022.pdf)

I don't see in this dissection that a cystourethroscopy was done....only a cystostomy and stent placement after the ureteral reanastomosis. According to the AMA Urology Coding Essentials, a cystoscopy needs to be placed via the urethra to place the stents in order to bill this code. But for a robot-assisted procedure, the stent is usually placed via cystostomy, not cystourethroscopy.

So if it's a robot-assisted lap ureteroneocystostomy with stent placement, should it be coded 50947, 50947-52, 50948, 50948-22 OR 50949???