I'm hoping someone can clarify how to appropriately assign diabetes complication nec codes. I've reviewed the chapter guidelines, "with" guidelines, and "nec" guidelines and still don't feel clear. I attended an ICD10 update where the presenter stated that if an ICD10 code exists for the complication then the nec complication code is not to be used based on "nec" guidelines. The example she gave was diabetes with cellulitis. Most of us in the class thought we should report E11.628 and the appropriate cellulitis code. But the presenter said that since cellulitis is classified elsewhere in the ICD10 manual it's inappropriate to use E11.628 since it's an "nec" code. She sited a Coding Clinic article where this coding scenario was addressed. If that is the case, when would you ever report a diabetes nec code? Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Thanks in advance.