Vino C. Mody Jr., M.D., Ph.D. (Lic.)
Karolinska Institutet, Solnavagen 1, SE-171 77 Stockholm Sweden
678-427-6511, 915-642-4269, 281-899-0543, 915-779-9912 eFax, 915-307-5405 Fax,,;

To obtain a position in medical coding, medical research, and medical training
Professional Achievements
Vino C. Mody’s experience appears to be concentrated in Medicine/Research/Billing and Coding, with exposure to Administrative or clerical/Recordkeeping and Supplies
Medical coding, medical research, and medical training
 CPC® from American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) from 10/2013
 CCS-P from AHIMA
 4Med CICP ICD-10-CM certification from 4Med Plus from 4Med Plus
 Certificate of ICD-10-CM proficiency from AAPC in 2014
 Certificate of ICD-10-PCS proficiency from AAPC in 2015
 Specialized certificates in ICD-10-CM in hematology and oncology, and cardiology from AAPC
 Specialized certificates and certifications in cardiology (203/204) and general surgery and anesthesia (207/208) from Optum 360
 Certificate, CPC-A Practicum with CEUs badge, AAPC, 11/2014
 Certificate, Practicode Professional Fee (ICD-9), AAPC, 10/2016
 CCS-P Badge, AHIMA, 2018
 CMAA from National Health Career Association (NHA)
 CBCS from NHA
 Expecting certification in Texas Medical Jurisprudence
 ICD-10-CM General code set training (16 hours) from completion of a course, AAPC, 2014
 ICD-10-PCS code set training (16 hours) from completion of a course, AAPC, 2015
 Certified National Pharmaceutical Representative (CNPR) from National Association of Pharmaceutical Representatives (NAPSRx) in 2014
 Certified risk management consultant (CRMC) from Confidential Texas corporation in 2014
 Six sigma black belt certified, Expert Rating, USA in 2014
 Six sigma green belt certified, Expert Rating, USA in 2013
 Healthcare Administrative Consulting Research Service
 Presented internationally at ARVO, EVER, and ISIR and regionally in Sweden
 Published papers including Public Consultation: Horizon 2020 Science with and for Society. Directorate—General for Research and Innovation. Horizon 2020.
 Low weight high reps benefits article.
 Prepared abstract, Benefit of Phytochemicals in Cancer, a clinical overview
 Won Solvay Pharmaceutical research grant, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, Atlanta, GA, 1994
 Won Schering-Plough research grant, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN, 1991
 Completed one-year honors project on Biochemical properties of the mitochondrial megachannel at Vanderbilt University (1992)
 Presented the abstract Determination of ascorbate in the ocular lens (2001) orally at EVER
 Published and successfully defended Ph.D. thesis Ultraviolet radiation cataract and ascorbate supplementation at Karolinska Institutet on 06/05/2008
 Published and presented Licentiate thesis Ascorbate in the ocular lens at Karolinska Institutet on 10/18/2006
 Published Plasma cystine increases with age in humans, ARVO abstract, 1997
 Extensive basic science, clinical research and training experience
 Cited in Smart Materials for Drug Delivery, 2013
 Master trainer certification (MTC) eligible, NHE, California, USA, 11/2015
 Trained in Master trainer certification (MTC) course covering several topics including adductor magnus, aerobic threshold, and cardio endurance
 Performed quality data care set analysis research on medical records from an LTACH hospital
 Investigated as principal investigator on the human clinical antioxidants in the general population as part of controls for AREDS and ARMD studies for Drs. Dean P. Jones and Paul Sternberg Jr.
 Studied ligand-binding properties of the human recombinant interphotoreceptor retinoid binding protein (rhIRBP) under the direction of Dr. John Nickerson
 Studied biochemical properties of the mitochondrial megachannel in a one-year honors molecular biology project under the direction of Dr. Sidney Fleischer
 Studied affinity to cyclosporine A utilizing column chromatography binding assays of bovine heart mitochondria
 Found that the mitochondrial megachannel is made up of more than one subunit based on reconstitution of activity utilizing cellulose filtration
 Performed karyotype analysis
 Cut out paper karyotypes for research on genetic inborn conditions
 Made an oral presentation of Ascorbate in the Ocular Lens, EVER abstract, 2001
 Medical degree
 Licentiate degree
 Experience in delivering patient care
 For profit legal service contract salesperson license, number 109231, Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, Austin, TX, 5/2014
 Legalshield certified, Harvard Risk Management Corporation, Dallas, TX, 5/2014.
 One Call Health Access certified, Harvard Risk Management Corporation, Dallas, TX, 5/2014
 Training and knowledge of all areas of medicine, surgery, plastic surgery, anesthesiology, OB-GYN, pediatrics, psychiatry, I.C.U., C.C.U.
 Training in ophthalmology
 Excelled in basic science courses in medical school in biochemistry, physiology, anatomy, anatomy lab, pathophysiology, genetics, analytic medicine, neurobiology
 Marquis Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare 2006-2007
 Made posterboard as Vino C. Mody Jr., M.D. (15/15), Yale-New Haven Hospital (Waterbury, CT), New Haven, CT
 Attended clinical rounds at Emory University, Yale-New Haven Hospital (Waterbury, CT), Brown University/Lifespan, 1995-1999
 Vanderbilt University School of Medicine early admissions winner, 1992
 Tennis training, USTA, 3/1981-6/1997
 Member of Rhode Island athletic club and participant in tennis league, 1997
 Member of Cub Scouts and Webelos, Wichita, KS, 1979-1982

 customer service
 receptionist
 retail sales
 medical coding
 medical coding software
 ICD-9-CM/ICD-10-CM
 ICD-10-PCS
 DRG analysis
 medical records
 cardiovascular coding
 anesthesia and pain management coding
 emergency department coding
 outpatient
 inpatient
 office medical
 Long-term care hospital (LTCH)
 medical training
 cardiology
 biochemistry
 organic chemistry
 chemistry
 pharmaceutical research
 clinical documentation improvement
 column chromatography
 clinical research
 derivatives
 trading
 filtration
 statistical analysis
 hematology
 Ultrafiltration
 Chromatography
 High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC)
 neurobiology
 biochemical research
 oncology
 venipuncture
 radiation exposure
 pediatrics
 plasma separation
 pharmaceutical sales
 pharmacology
 anesthesiology
 ms excel
 ms word
 risk management
 sales representatives
 sales training
 teamwork
 leadership
 molecular biology
 six-sigma
 healthcare

Work History
Market researcher Survey Monkey USA 8/2018-
Salesperson Confidential Texas Corporation Dallas TX 5/2014-
Medical treatment participant in psychiatry treatments Psychiatry Doctor’s offices of Dr. Padilla-Zubiate Centro de Medico Hospital Jaurez, Mexico 10/2013-
Medical treatment participant in interventional procedural treatments Internal Medicine Doctor’s offices of Dr. Felix Jaurez, Mexico 11/2017-
Medical coding trainee, COC-A ICD-10 Practicum American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 06/2018-
Remote medical coder United Health Group Minnetonka MN 04/09/2018-04/10-2018
Remote medical coder Optum Eden Prarie MN 04/09/2018-04/10/2018
HIM Coder Mesa Hills Specialty Hospital El Paso, TX USA 5/2017 to 1/2018
Horizon 2020 Consultant researcher Horizon 2020-European Commission USA 05/2016-
CANPC/CCVTC coding lecturer American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 9/2015-
Volunteer medicine trainee Doctor’s office of Dr. Marina Mexico 9/2015-
CANPC/Cardiology/CPC coding lecturer Southwest University El Paso, TX 6/2016 to 4/2017; 1/2018-
CANPC Anesthesia and Pain Management Coding Roundtable Webinar Presenter TXHIMA Austin, TX 5/2017
Sports official volunteer YMCA El Paso, TX USA 5/2017-
Grant proposal contributor and contributor Horizon 2020 European Commission Europe 9/2016-
Remote Medical Coder and auditor Signature Staff Resources Miami Lakes, FL, USA 1/2016 to 4/2017
Healthcare administration trainee Emory Healthcare Atlanta, GA 5/2016 to 6/2016
Volunteer E&M medical coding trainee McKesson Atlanta, GA 12/2015 to 1/2016
Remote medical coder HGS USA, LLC Peoria, IL 9/2015 to 2/2016
Six sigma trainee Cisco Systems Atlanta, GA 10/2015 to 11/2015
CoRPs volunteer Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 6/2016-
Medical coding trainee CPC-A ICD-10 Practicum American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 11/2015-7/2016
Medical coding trainee COC-A Practicum American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 05/2015-11/2015
Volunteer cardiology trainee North Georgia Heart Specialists Buford, GA 11/2014-
Medical coding trainee CPC-A Practicum American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 6/2014-11/2014
Sales profile questionnaire trainee CTS Sales Profile USA 11/2014
Volunteer Southwest Hindu Temple New Mexico USA 5/2014-
Customer service representative Farooq Jivani Agency Norcross, GA 1/2014-
Freelance Research Scientist Georgia State University Atlanta, Georgia 10/2011 to 10/2014
Medical Researcher Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden 10/2/2000 to 6/5/2008

Proctor National Board of Examiners in Optometry (NBEO) Stockholm, Sweden 3/2003 to 5/2005

2018 COC Accelerated Facility Outpatient Coding course (GPA 4.00; score=93%) American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 8/2018
Preparation for the Texas Medical Jurisprudence exam Texas medical jurisprudence exam study guide 2016 Texas Medical Association Austin, TX 4/2018-
Single variable calculus training and calculus for artists and beginners Massachusetts Institute of Technology Boston, MA 1/2017-5/2017
Mathematics and science training soft USA 3/2015-
Certificate of Cardiology coding (100% A average) and Certificate of General Surgery and Anesthesia coding (80% B average) Greenville Technical Institute Greenville, SC 2/2016
MOOC certificate of attendance Health Data Analytics with MS Excel St. Scholastica, MN December, 2015
Certificate of Achievement Coding-Baseline-ICD-10 Inpatient Diagnostic Precyse University, USA December 4, 2015
Certificate Explore a career in medical coding (GPA 4.00) (360 hours) El Paso Community College El Paso, TX 7/2018
Certificate Master trainer certification course NHE California, USA 11/2015
Triple Certificate in administrative medical specialist (91% A average), medical coding and billing (97% A average), +medical terminology (98% A average) (360 Hours) University of Georgia Athens, GA 3/2015
Graduate from a Certificate of ICD-10-CM Coding Proficiency (CICP) course (scored 86% on final exam) 4Med Plus Chicago, IL 10/2017
ICD-10-PCS Code set training (16 hours) from completion of a course American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 1/2015
ICD-10-CM General code set training (16 hours) from completion of a course American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 1/2014
CPMA Professional medical auditor course (16 hours) (GPA=4.00, score=91%) American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 12/2015
CPPM Physician practice manager (16 hours) (GPA=3.00, score=86%) American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City, UT 1/2016
Training ICD-10-CM Coding Basics U.S. Career Institute Fort Collins, CO 9/2017
Graduate of NAPSRX’s Pharmacology/Pharmaceutical Sales Training Program CNPR Number 608042014 Member of NAPSRx National Association of Pharmaceutical Sales Representatives (NAPSRX) Washington, D.C. 3/2014
School (worth 322.75 educational hours up to 4/2018) American Academy of Professional Coders Salt Lake City UT 10/2013-
Graduate Certificate Medical Coding Specialist course (87% B average) (600 Hours) U.S. Career Institute Fort Collins, CO 2013
Doctoral (Ph.D.) degree in clinical science for ophthalmology Department of Clinical Neuroscience Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden June, 2008
Licentiate (comparable to M.S.) degree in clinical science for ophthalmology Department of Clinical Neuroscience Karolinska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden October, 2006
M.D. Degree (3.71 GPA) Emory University School of Medicine Atlanta, GA 1997
B.S. in Molecular Biology (3.95 GPA) summa cum laude high honors in molecular biology Vanderbilt University Nashville, TN 1993
High school diploma (4.00 GPA) valedictorian Parkview High School Lilburn, GA 1989
High school training (4.00 GPA) Norcross High School Norcross, GA 1985

References are available on request.