52 years old Established Patient come for Gynecological Exam
HPI: Patient doing well except she is getting some flushes and flashes on the lower dose of estrogen

& for A/P : Well woman exam, Menopausal woman, On HRT with now some symptoms, once to evaluate the doses
"Discussed options with hormone therapy versus decreasing dose versus nothing versus how long she can take it and risks. I discussed the risks, benefits and alternatives to hormone replacement therapy with Heather. We discussed the results of the Women's Health Initiative and the guidelines for HRT from ACOG. Some of the risks include stroke, clot, dvt, PE and she understands these risks and wants to take HRT". And Medication ordered: progesterone (PROMETRIUM) 200 mg capsule, Estradiol (DIVIGEL) 0.5 mg/0.5 gram (0.1 %) Gel in Packet.

Can we code extra 99213 with 99396?
Hormones review is included annually WWE?