I have two questions for Powerchart users.

1. Our IT department is telling us that there isn't an edit when applying gender specific diagnosis codes to the incorrect gendered patients. Yesterday I had a 45 year old MALE with a female genital condition specific code. These codes are assigned in Problems and Diagnoses in the patient's chart. I cannot believe that there is no edit for this. Our IT department, despite working for a rather prestigious institution, is lacking in both information as well as technology at times. Our billing software does catch these codes and has edits to prevent them from being billed to insurance. The billing software is not a Cerner product though. Could this really be true???

2. Another IT question, I'm told that it's a major job to upload the new ICD10 codes every year. Myalgia, M79.1 is allowed to be entered, it's a common diagnosis, and in October this code was further subdivided. Currently any code that requires additional units can be applied to the patient's chart without the required additional units.

I just cannot believe that what they are telling me about one of the premier medical softwares is not able to catch sex codes or even age codes. Neonatal codes that are age specific to the neonatal period are allowed to be assigned to adult patients.