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If by networking you mean taking an internship and working for free, no thanks. Don’t work for free under any circumstance, ever.

$1000 directly out of pocket is a lot, yes. I’m also 30k in debt from school, but if that’s such chump change as you say, I’d really appreciate if you’d clear that debt for me. No big deal, right?

Seems like you’re one of the middle aged coders who are intimidated by people who are younger and smarter than you. Instead of dealing with the reality that it’s impossible to get hired without experience, maybe hiring managers should deservedly shoulder some blame and consider that their methods of judging and acquiring talent are short-sighted and severely flawed.
I am at a loss to even remotely comment on this.

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you might have felt like you were being attacked. You were not.

Lashing out when being hurt, and speaking from someone who has been burned while doing that
backfires horribly. Almost violently.

Please be mindful text does not convey nuances.