Need help coding this one. I'm stumped. The provider coded 17110 with dx K63.89 (granuloma of intestine). This dx code is not payable with cpt 17110 per Medicare. 17110 doesn't seem like the correct code and neither does 44110/44111 because an enteromtomy was not done.

Px note:
Indication: multiple granulomas of colostomy mucosa, with recurrent bleeding. Previous biopsy showed inflammation and non-caseating granuloma.
The patient was brought into the clinic exam room and placed on the table in the supine position.
With the colostomy appliance removed, the granulomas a the edges of the colostomy were reviewed. Multiple small granulomas were removed sharply. The bleeding edges were cauterized with silver nitrate.
Colostomy appliance was replaced.