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Thread: Nonreactive NST

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    Question Nonreactive NST

    Can someone please help me with this: A patient present to OB triage with complaints of contractions. She was put on the monitor and was found to have a nonreactive NST. My boss said I should use a baby ICD-9 Only I think is a V89.09 or 655.70 with CPT 76815-26.



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    Default nonreactive NST dx

    Take a look at 659.73- Abnormality in feral heart rate or rhythm (non-reassuring fetal heart rate or rhythm).

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    Sounds like this is just a labor check. If the patient is far from delivering it could be threatened labor 644.13 and the NST is 59025-26 if this was done in the hospital and no -26 if done in the office with your equipment.

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    Default non reactive nst

    use 659.73. The NST can be non-reactive but the baby's movement may not be decreased.

    NST's are looking at the baby's heart rate with activity.

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