Does anyone have any information on when to bill Donor cardiectomy (CPT 33940)? My providers are preforming the benchwork and heart transplant and we were recently questioned on why we aren't billing for the Donor cardiectomy. I reviewed some of the op notes and they state harvesting was performed by co-surgeon but no further detail. There's no separate note. After a day of research, some of the information I found states "There is never a charge to the family or estate of the donor for organ and tissue recovery. All associated recovery costs are paid by Sharing Network." but one insurance states "any costs related to organ donation are paid by the recipient, usually through insurance, Medicare or Medicaid." So now I'm confused on if we should be billing or if it's paid through the sharing network. We do have to fix the documentation part but I'm still lost on when to bill 33940. We're in New Jersey (not sure if it matters).... Thank you for any input.