Hi. I work for a Dermatologist Practice. We are in a small rural community and no other Dermatologist close by - we are scheduling 4-6 weeks out for appointments typically. Sometimes less, but that's getting to be average. Lately we are seeing an influx of patients that are just Walking In -- DEMANDING to be seen -- with no appointment. (I feel they've called and didn't want to wait that long for appt and have decided to just walk in). Our physician will go ahead and see them -- but its not fair to the other patients. This morning we had a patient show up at 8:10 waiting on the door to open at 8:30 to be seen. It was raining so the Dr went ahead and opened the door and let her in and saw her. My question is this: Is there a way to bill Medicare or the patient for a Walk-In appointment.... Need to know if there's a Medicare Fee Allowable for this or if we can bill the patients an additional fee if they have Medicare. Please, any help in this is appreciated.