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Thread: Can I bill exploration w/procedure? HANDS

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    Question Can I bill exploration w/procedure? HANDS

    Doc did and Exploration of extensor tendons left third and fourth fingers ... Can I bill for this ? What code ? Modifier?

    I am thinking the 26437 x3
    but I do not see any code for the exploration ??

    Here are the notes:

    1. Extensor tendon sagittal band attenuation.
    2. Subluxation of extensor digitorum communis.

    1. Exploration of extensor tendons left third
    and fourth fingers.
    2. Extensor tendon realignment of left third,fourth and fifth fingers.

    An oblique incision was made first over the dorsal hand distal to the extensor retinaculum. The extensor tendons evaluated in this area were noted to be intact although attenuated. An incision was made proximal to the extensor retinaculum. The EDC to middle, ring, and small were also identified, quite patulous. These were then shortened 0.5 cm with a 4.0 FiberWire. There was no evidence of rupture proximal or distal to the retinaculum. We then went distally performing an incision over the dorsal webspace of the third and fourth and then exposed the sagittal band. The extensor tendon did subluxate over the MP joint and was ulnarly subluxated. We then reefed the sagittal band, realigning the extensor tendon over the MP joint centrally with multiple sutures. Once completed realignment to the third and fourth, we then addressed the fifth finger in a likewise fashion. All wounds were irrigated. The skin was closed with 4-0 Prolene. His hand assumed a normal posture. A splint was applied. The patient was transferred to the recovery room in stable condition.

    Thank You !!

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    I do not see an exploration but he does state he shortend the EDC to the middle ring and small fingers
    26477 F2
    26477 F3
    26477 F4
    then with separate incision he perform the realignment
    26437 F2
    26437 F3
    26437 F4
    I do not remember if these are bundled so you will need to check that and if so use a 59 before the finger modifiers to unbundle since he does state separate incisions. hope this helps.

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