I am trying to code an op note where the patient had trauma from circular saw, first OP session resulted in repair of vascular system and tendons and bone loss was noted.

The second staged surgery was for a bone graft from iliac crest and moved to reconstruct the first metacarpal.

Portion of note:
The wound was irrigated with gentamicin spiked normal saline. The cancellous bone graft was then packed in as tightly as possible. The corticocancellous piece was then wedged in as well. This filled the gap quite nicely with a combination of corticocancellous and tightly packed cancellous bone. The final C-arm pictures revealed the gap could be filled quite nicely with bone graft throughout the entire region. The wound was then closed in layers followed by nylon sutures for the skin.

I see the 20900 for the harvesting, I also see 20956; bone graft and revascularization.....I'm not sure which is appropriate also how would you code the repair?