I have been coding ophthalmology clinic for several months now but always had a superbill which of course of a little cheat sheet. For the most part our physician's would do the coding of the imaging and testing performed and i would have to just code diagnosis and office procedures. Now they are doing away with superbills and i have to code straight from the chart. I have no clue of what to look for as far as testing and imaging goes. Usually when our doctor's perfrom a b-scan he will write b-scan or when he performs a Visual Field he will mark HVF ( humphrey) but how do i determine when they performed an ophthalmoscopy ? and how do i tell if it's initial or sub ?? What about goniscopy ? I am scheduled to meet with our doctor's next week but want a little time to do research so i do not go in there blind sort or speak. Any help would be appreciated .

Thanks everyone !!!