Our fetal care center is part of a large pediatric hospital and physicians are employed by the hospital. That being said, we have the following question:

Can all physicians who are present for this face to face meeting with the patient bill for the total time of the meeting? All these services are billed with E/M codes by total time of service, as the majority of the face to face meeting is always in counseling and coordination of care services. (ex: meeting with patient is 60 minutes, all physicians present bill 99244)

Here is the scenario:

First the patient has several diagnostic tests performed (fetal mri, fetal echo, ultrasound).

The mom/family are then located in a comfortable room where several services interview/interact with them on an individual basis (pastoral care, social service, genetic counselor, etc.).

The fetal/maternal physician and the surgical physician, together, review the test results and prior records for the patient and develop a plan of care (for some cases, a specialist may also be involved such as urology, neurosurgery).

Next, the physicians involved, patient/family, and often some of the other non-physician providers who have met with the family meet for a "care conference" to discuss with the patient/family what the findings are, the recommended plan of care as well as any alternative care plans, answer questions of the patient, etc.

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!