Can I get some opinions on this ? Thank you so much

OPERATIVE PROCEDURE: Consent was obtained. The patient was taken to the operating room and was given a general anesthetic. The left upper extremity was sterilely prepped and draped in a normal fashion with DuraPrep. The arm was elevated and exsanguinated and the tourniquet above the brachium elevated to 250 mmHg. A longitudinal incision was made over the volar wrist in line of the flexor carpi radialis. The floor of the FCR was opened, brachioradialis released, fracture reduced anatomically. Volar Acumed plate was fixed first to the oblong hole. Subchondral screws were then placed creating a stable construct with the fracture held in reduction while the distal screws were placed. Proximal screws were then added. The distal radial ulnar joint was examined. There was a screw very adjacent to but appeared to be extraarticular in nature of the distal radial ulnar joint. Clinically, there was no instability, and the articular surface appeared to be reasonably well aligned. The wounds were irrigated. The tourniquet was released. The finger pinked up nicely. The skin was closed with 4-0 Prolene. Dry dressing and volar splint was applied. The patient was transferred to the recovery room in stable condition.

Would 25607 be correct ??