Operative findings: Neurofibroma noted times three, left foot times three right foot
Procedure: There were three isolated neurofibroma on the tips of the digits. These involved toes 1,3,4. Excision of lesions. Full thickness was performed. Irrigation was made with normal salinewith antibiotic solution and closure w/ 3-0 Nylon. Tourniquet was deflated. Minimal bleeding was noted. Tourniquet on the right side was then elevated and three neurofibromas were dressed, large one along the navicular tuberosity and small one at the tip of the third digit and then large one beneath the fifth metatarsal. These were all excised. The skin plasty ws necessary in order to remove the redundant skin beneath the fifth metatarsal to avoid any incsion, which will cause difficulty healing. All tumors were resected and sent for pathology. The wound was irrigated, etc.....
could use some help on how to code this I was thinking 64788 x6
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