I am looking for some documentation concerning billing multiple venipuncture (36415) on the same date of service. I have two scenarios

Scenario 1: Patient comes in to the lab at 8:00am to have routine blood work drawn that was ordered by the PCP. Then has an appointment with another doctor who orders different lab tests. The patient comes back to the lab, since the testing does not require fasting, to have this blood work drawn. Could you bill for both venipunctures that were done?

Scenario 2: Patient comes to the Short Procedure unit and the doctor requested some blood tests be done prior to surgery. The procedure is then completed and based on the patient's post operative complaints the doctor orders more blood work to be done. Could you bill for both venipunctures that were done?

I check the MUE listing and 36415 does not appear. I also reviewed CMS billing Chapter 16, section 60.1 documentation concerning specimen collection fees. However, I do not feel that this reference addresses the above scenarios.