I am having an issue with my providers with this same issue about how to score the Data points and some information that they received from an outside "consultant".

I am coding for cardiologists who do EKG's in the office. Originally they were billing the global 93000 for these, however after an audit it was apparent they were not documenting a separate interpretation for the EKG, so until this can be cleared up, they are only billing for the tracing. First, I was under the impression that if the physician is billing separately for the test, then they would not get any points under Data as they are receiving the reimbursement for the test. However the consultant states otherwise. Then, the consultant is stating that if the physician orders the EKG and also independently visualizes the test, they would get 3 points - 1 for ordering, 2 for the visualization. I believe I was told by Novitas during one of their E/M webinars that if they did the visualization then you would only assign the 2 points and also that if they were billing for the test, the would get no points for ordering or visualization.

Can anyone answer this issue and provide supporting documentation for their answer so that I can settle this issue with my providers?

Thanks for all of the help I can get!