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    We have a patient that has tubular breast 757.6 and pectus excavatum 754.81. The doctor wants to use code 19366 bilaterally. Has anyone billed for this procedure before? I am concerned because he is calling the breast reconstruction but she never had cancer and encoder states that you can't bill those diagnosis with that procedure. Any suggestions, PLEASE help!

    Terri Diaz, CPC
    Insurance Coordinator

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    Default 611.89?

    Would you be able to use 611.89 for breast dx?

    Also, is he not going to repair the pectus excavatum (CPT 2174x) ?

    F Tessa Bartels, CPC, CEMC

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    That is an idea to change the diagnosis code, Thanks. It doesn't mention that he is repairing the pectus excavatum, just that he wants to do an implant for the tubular. Again thanks for the suggestion, I appreciate it.

    Terri Diaz, CPC
    Insurance Coordinator

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