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    Does anyone know where i can find a list of payabe primary procedure codes for 76937? I have searched medicares lcd's and can not find one.
    Theresa Gimpel, CPC-GENSG

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    I have been trying to get this from our Medicare carrier (WPS) since 3/2009 without success. I have been told one does not exist yet I have denied claims. I'm wondering how can they require it be billed with only specific primary codes without educating/informing the providers?? In addition, CPT does not give primary code instructions/limitations for 76937. I do have an old list from our previous Medicare carrier (Wheatlands) but I don't believe our current carrier is following it.

    Julie, CPC

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    I don't know if these will be helpful for your locality but this is my regions list...

    "Listed below are the surgical add-on codes and their primary procedure codes. Payment will not be made for these add-on codes unless billed in addition to accompanying primary procedure."

    76937: 36555-36585, 36481,36000, 36012, 36010, 36245, 36005, 36620, 36011, 36500, 36870, 36581, 36145, 36120, 36200

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