Preop dx-Cranial defect; hyperostotic skull lesions x 3

1-Rt frontoparietal cranioplasty, using patient specific implant cranioplasty plate.
2-Excision of hyperostotic skull lesions x 3

The area over her prior incision and the areas over the 3 hyperostotic lesions were shaved, prepped and draped in the usual sterile fashion. Her prior incision was reopened and extended further forward in order to encompass the 3 hyperostotic lesions. Bipolar cautery was used for hemostasis. The scalp flap was reflected anteriorly. The dura was freed from the bony edges of the cranial defect. The implant was tested and found to be an excellent fit. Valsalva maneuver showed no evidence of CSF leak. The implant was secured in place using mini plates and screws. The implant was stable after fixation.

Attention was then turned to the 3 hyperostotic skull lesions. The skin and subcutaneous tissues were reflected off of these 3 lesions. These areas were shaved down to the level of the outer table of the skull using the high speed drill…………

62143 for the cranioplasty. What about 61500 for the bone lesions? CCI edits do not bundle these; however, I'm learning more and more with crani coding that CCI edits haven't caught up with this area yet. Any thoughts are appreciated.