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    We have a patient coming in for IvIG infusion. I was wondering if anyone knew what CPT 90283 entails. Our patients is having 20 grams infused for 4 hours.

    Would we bill only 90283 once? Why does is not have a dose associated with it?

    I assume the administration codes would be 96365, 96366 x3 but I am really confused about 90283.

    Any help would be appreciated!

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    90283 identifies the immune globulin product only, and is reported in addition to the administration code. It doesn't have a dose associated with it because it was a code introduced to facilitate tracking the use of immunoglobulin reported with Medicare claims. I would recommend using the appropriate J-code (HCPCS Level II) instead; J1459 - J1569 and a few others - they are more specific.

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    We have a couple of IVIG patients. I have never used the 90283. We use the J code for the IVIG drug we are using (we usually use J1566 and J1569), plus any other drugs we use (sometimes they get solu-medrol) and the A4218 for saline flush J1642 for heparin (if used). The HCPCS appendix 1 will guide you in assigning units to report the correct dose. We bill 96365 for the first hour and 96366 for each additional hour for administration.

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