Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to bill a mastoid cavity packing? A patient was sent because they were having molds of their ears made. Here's a copy of the note:

S: This patient is here today at the request of the audiologist. This is a female patient who has had a right sided mastoidectomy. She is getting ear molds made for hearing aids today and needs to have her mastoid cavity packed so that the ear mold material will come out easily. There have been no changes in medications or medical allergies.

O: Her right ear was examined under the operating microscope. The mastoid bowl was packed with Xeroflo gauze. After the ear molds were made the patient returned here and the Xeroflo gauze was removed.

1. Hearing loss with status post mastoidectomy.
2. Her mastoid bowels were packed and ear molds were formed.
3. The patient will follow up here on a prn basis.

What procedure code should I use and what ICD-9? Also, I'm assuming this wouldn't be covered by Medicare since they exclude services regarding hearing aids. Has anyone ever run into this before?