Do we need to use any unlisted code for this procedure?

Clinical indication: Known colorectal carcinoma with metastasis to the
periumbilical subcutaneous soft tissues.
Procedure: After obtaining informed consent, the patient was placed in
the supine position and the suprapubic region prepped and draped in
sterile fashion. The skin was anesthetized with 1% Lidocaine. A 4cm
probe was deployed both centrally within the mass as well as within the
left superolateral portion. Roll off was obtained x2 in each of these
sites. There was no post procedural hematoma with gas bubble was
identified within the lesion at the completion of the procedure. The
patient tolerated the procedure well and was transported to the recovery
room in stable condition.
IMPRESSION: Status post CT guided radiofrequency ablation of
subcutaneous mass involving the periumbilical soft tissues as described