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    I have an ortho group I bill for and I am having a hard time getting the PA's visits paid- i am sending the claim over with an AS modifier- is their a special way to bill visits to medicaid for physicians assistant.
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    Check your modifier. I used that when I billed the PA as the assistant surgeon.
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    Default Modifiers

    In the state of GA we are not allowed ANY modifiers with Medicaid so you may need to check into that

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    Our PAs are individually credentialed with T-19 Medicaid Wisconsin. We bill office visits by PAs under their own name/number. The AS modifier can only be used with procedure codes that accept an assistant surgeon. You would never use this modifier with E/M code.

    Hope that helps.

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    Assuming you're referring to surgery...NC requires modifier 80 for assistant at surgery for those codes that allow an assistant.

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