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    When using ICD-9 codes when dr. has dx of spondylolisthesis with no other information does one use acquired 738.4 or congenital 756.12. I am alittle bit confused? Thank you for your assistance

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    Smile Acquired Vs. Congenital Spondylolisthesis

    In my opinion, acquired one is more appropriate (unless specified as congenital). Also, patient's age could be helpful - in case of children the probability of congenital is more and in case of adult the acquired one is most likely. But, I have encounted mostly the adult patients' reports so I code 738.4.
    Rahul Srivastava, CPC

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    Here's how my surgeons explained it to me.

    738.4 can be associated with injuries or it can be a condition that develops later in life, thus becoming a degenerative condition.

    756.12 tends to be discovered earlier on...such as a child or young adult. (Cogenital)

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    thanks I have been using the acquired mostly cause it has been on older adults unless it would say history of or a child.

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