I was wondering if someone could help me code this surgery.

...the scope was then brought down into the lateral gutter and into the popliteal sheath and this area was well suctioned. No large loose bodies were seen. A medial working cannula had been established and medial synovectomy performed, removing the plica and the anterolateral synovitis. Attention was then directed to the posterolateral aspect of the knee and the scope was passed out into the posterolateral compartment. There was a small opening into what appeared to be a popliteal cyst. A posterolateral incision was then made and the instruments introduced posterolaterally. A posterolateral synovectomy was then poerformed, carrying this resection out into the popliteal cyst which was then entered. The more anterior portion of the cyst was removed and then, under direct visualization, portions of the posterior part of the cyst were removed, care being taken not to get out into the vascular channels.

I was thinking 29876 (plica and synovitis, medial & lateral) and 29999 (for the removal of the popliteal cyst done arthroscopically).