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Thread: Removal of ecmo cannulas

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    Default Removal of ecmo cannulas

    Has anyone charged for 'removal of ecmo cannulas'? I am hoping to avoid having to use an 'unlisted' procedure code.

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    Default removal of cannulas

    Unfortunately, the only code I have found is the unlisted code 37799. It's a bear to get paid too. Good luck.

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    The STS has stated that there is no code for the removal of this device but has instructed coders to bill for the repair of the artery instead (35226). This is what I usually do.

    Lisi, CPC

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    Exclamation Article

    I was looking on the STS website to find the article that references the use of the repair code, but I was unable to locate it. Can you provide the link or the article, so I can read it?

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    I to am having the same problem. Really don't want to bill with the unlisted code...Please provide website for STS article.


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    Sorry, just getting back to this. I don't think it was an article from the STS, they said it at one of their annual coding workshops.

    If you think about it, I believe the documentation would support this. The surgeon opens up the artery and pulls the ECMO catheter out. You're not billing for anything else so you should be able to bill for closing the artery.

    The STS has a coding help desk now, you could email your question to them. It may take a little time to hear back though.

    Lisi, CPC

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