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Just wanted to add that undercoding can spark an audit as well. So commonly we hear about overcoding and fraudulent charges. It's important that together as a team every service provided is coded correctly. Undercoding is usually (though not always) deliberate which can be seen as an inducement, discreminatory, and even fraud and abuse. Other non-deliberate reasons is out of fear, lack of education, etc. Undercoding can very well get you in just as much trouble as overcoding. You are distorting and misrepresenting the service provided. More importantly, correct coding ensures you are properly being reimbursed and you are maximizing your revenue to the fullest potential.
I agree. Our network has 200 physicians and only 5 coders. I have just accepted a position as the 5th coder for our network. My transfer is next week. Our coders are swamped with these very issues. I am going into my position with a "Make it Happen" attitude and hopefully I will be able help make the change that we so desperately need. Our problem is getting the physicians to comply. We do Annual Education for them, and because I am on THIS side (clinical), I am able to see what really happens after those education seminars. NOTHING. The physicians are not open for change. I will work on changing that to start with!