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COMPARISON: Ultrasound of the abdomen 0-00-00
HISTORY: Abdominal wall mass/cyst.
PROCEDURE/FINDINGS: The procedure of ultrasound on 0-00-00 reveals
an oval hypoechoic mass within the abdominal wall in the
infraumbilical region. As the mass was not palpable ultrasound
guided localization of the mass was performed for surgery. The
procedure of ultrasound guided localization, placement of guidewire,
alternatives to the procedure, the risks and benefits associated with
the procedure were discussed with the patient and a verbal consent
was obtained from the patient. Patient was shifted to the ultrasound
suite and placed in supine position. Ultrasound examination of the
abdominal wall was performed and the mass was identified and was
marked on the skin. The skin was prepped and draped in the routine
sterile fashion. After administering local anesthesia a 10 gauge
Kopans needle was introduced into the mass under direct ultrasound
guidance. After satisfactory positioning the needle was removed and
the guidewire was deployed. Dr. C was available at the time
of examination to show the path of the guidewire in real time.
Guidewire was secured and images were sent to the operating room
along with the patient.
Documented images reveal an oval hypoechoic mass in the abdominal
wall inferior to the umbilicus. The last few images (image 5-7)
reveal a guidewire through the mass.
IMPRESSION: Successful ultrasound guided localization of oval mass
in the anterior abdominal wall.