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Thread: Laparoscopic Burch urethropexy

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    Question Laparoscopic Burch urethropexy

    Can anyone help me with a code? A TLH was performed and then followed by a laparoscopic Burch urethropexy? Its the Burch that Im having trouble with. There are open Burch codes, or Burch with a TAH but not with a TLH.
    Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    Look at CPT code 51990.

    Julie, CPC

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    Mesh was used. Does that matter? Thanks!

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    Anyone have an update on this topic, if mesh was used during a laparoscopic burch urethopexy, is it still 51990?

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    For a urethropexy with a hysterectomy, see 58152 or 58267.

    This is in the description of code 51840 on Encoderpro.

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    Default Burch procedure

    If this was done Laparoscopically as well you can use the 51990, but if they used a sling then I would use the 51992.
    There is not an additional code for mesh unless it is for the pelvic floor and done by vaginal approach.

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