Good Morning,

I was just wondering if someone is willing to confirm my thoughts on a few new Lab codes for 2010. I have to do some training and I want to make sure that I am putting forth the correct information here.

Normally when a patient comes to my facility for lab work and it is being done as part of the Annual Physicial Exam I will use the V70.0 and then if they list anymore diagnosis.

But now with the new lab codes I am leaning towards the new lab code this want people are thinking as well?

Another closely related situation is I often get lab orders for Pre-operative lab work....I have also always used the V72.83 and a diagnosis if they give me one or the V72.84 if no other information is given for the reason as to why they would be having the surgery.

Now I am looking at the V72.63 for the Pre-op Lab work, and the V72.83 for the X-ray or the EKG being done.

Am I going down the correct way of thinking on these or am I way off . I will greatly value any ideas on these