Dx: Osteochondritis Dissecans, elbow

Operation: Arthrotomy, Right Elbow. Osteochondral Autograft transfer from right knee to right elbow capitellum

Indications: 17 yr old male with a chronic osteochondritis dissecans lesion involving the capitelium in the right elbow.

A small arthrotomy was made along the lateral aspect of the right knee. Dissection was carried down to the overlying lateral retinacular tissues. A lateral arthrotomy was performed along the lateral aspect of the patellofemoral joint extending up just lateral to the vastus lateralis.

We then opened the joint capsule, thus exposing the distal femur. We harvested an 8mm diameter osteochondral plug from the distal aspect of the lateral femoral trochlea. The cartilage here was perfectly normal to gross appearance and probing. the 8mm diameter plug was then placed into the recipient site in the capitellum in the right elbow. (The elbow portion will be dictated separately by the 2nd surgeon)

After harvest of the plug from the knee, the defect site was filled with a 9mm OBI plug. Closure...

My Dr is only reporting the knee aspect of the procedure as another Dr will report the transplant of the plugs for the elbow ailment. Anyone's ides is greatly apprecited. they put CPT code 27310. Not sure about that code.