I work with UB-04s for different facilities across the country.
A new client came on board from AR has been sending their auto accident UB's with unknown abbreviations in this FL 29 'ACDT STATE'.
In 4 years that I have been billing to health (after auto processes) I have not seen this box used so I am curious as to what the client is trying to communicate with the 2 letters they place in this FL 29 (unrecognizable combinations ie NL OI )
Per INGENIX -the description for this form locator (or box) is :
"Situational. Required when the services reported on this claim are related to an auto accident and the accident occurred in a country or location that has a state, province or subcountry code named in x12 code source 22

?? Please where do I find - X12 code source 22 - for my documentation ?
or where do I find any documentation for this FL 29?

Thank you for your time,
Mary Walsh CHCA, CPC