Hi all. I'm not sure if I can explain my question appropriately and not sure if anyone can even give me feed back on this, but my practice has recently taken on some EP physicians. We are a private office. These physicians perform EP services in the EP Lab at one of our area hospitals. I'm pretty sure all the billing codes are being captured, but one of our EP doctors seems to thing that these types of procedures should be bringing in a heck of a lot more money than what we get reimbursed from the insurance companies for. I don't know what figures she is looking at. Perhaps she is looking at what the hospital gets paid versus the physician??? I have no idea. For example, take CPT code 33282. We bill our local Medicare Part B as an outpatient at the hospital. They only reimburse about $300.00. She's thinking we should be getting in maybe the $20,000.00 range. I'm trying to figure out where and what she is looking at??? Any ideas?