The first question is about diagnosis codes submitted which are normally beyond our software capabilities. The second question is how we notify health plans about additional diagnosis codes not previously submitted from an internal chart review.

For example of the first question, many of our physician's billing software can only provide 4 diagnosis codes. Since 2005, our solution has been to have the physician billers use the CPT code 99080 with the same date of service. This would allow them to add 4 additional diagnosis codes for that visit.

Likewise, an example of the second question , our physicians during an internal chart review wanted to transmit additional codes not previously submited but was documented, the physician would submit the CPT code 99080 with the original date of service with the additional diagnosis codes.

As documentation is important and additional scrutiny from CMS is at hand, I want to be sure this would be ok for this method of diagnosis transmission.

I would appreciate any help on these questions.