Hello coders, the surgeon tried to openly repair greater tuberosity fx proximal humerus with RTC. He wasn't able to do this as an open procedure due to complications and 2 days later he did arthroscopy.. He did a 29827, 29828. 29807, 29823 and 29826. The patient had a lot of problems with the shoulder. My question is how is the shoulder fracture coded? Is it bundled with the one of procedures? I can't find a code for fracture done arthroscopic. Partial note is below. Thanks for your help, Paula

I was going to address the fracture and tie this down as well. The arm
was abducted, and the sutures were tied down with sliding knot in half
hitches. This was secured down the medial row. This was under some
tension. I tried to reduce the greater tuberosity fragment down. One
suture from each knot was then taken over the greater tuberosity
fragment and footprint and loaded in the push-lock suture anchor. One
push lock was placed anterolaterally and one was placed posterolaterally
after using a punch and then inserting these in with a mallet. The
sutures were then cut with an arthroscopic cutter. The fragment reduced
down to the piece and the rotator cuff repaired down with a suture
bridge technique. This was probed and felt to be very stable. The
piece of bone did raise up slightly. This appeared to be stable.