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PROCEDURE: The patient was brought to the operating room arena and
given general anesthesia. She had a complete vaginal prep performed,
and her peritoneum was prepped and draped as well. A weighted speculum
was placed. Her labia were retracted with 2-0 silk suture.

Cystoscopic examination was performed. Bladder failed to demonstrate
any areas of erosion, stones, foreign bodies, or tumors. I then used a
Metzenbaum scissors to cut along the midline of the anterior vaginal
wall. The mesh was tightly intertwined with the anterior vaginal wall,
and I essentially had to pick at it with a forceps. With persistence,
palpable and visible mesh was excised along the exposed area of her
previous midline incision along the anterior vaginal wall. After
removing the exposed mesh, I performed another cystoscopic examination.
The bladder was free of any trauma or perforations. I elected not to
leave a Foley catheter. A vaginal packing was placed. The patient
tolerated the procedure well and was taken to recovery in stable