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Thread: cpt code for I-123 uptake and scan

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    Default cpt code for I-123 uptake and scan

    hello everyone...
    i work for a diabetes and endocrinology practice.
    have a coding question. not quite sure what to use for this procedure that i have to precert.

    the procedure is an I-123 update and scan and the diagnosis codes being used are
    794.5, abnormal thyroid function study
    242.90 hyperthyroid, NOS
    259.2 carcubiud syndrome

    what cpt should i use to this procedure with these icd codes?

    also, is there a specific section in the cpt book that i can look under for I-123uptake and scans? not quite sure what they are.

    thanks so much for any help!!
    i appreciate it

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    Look under Nuclear Medicine, diagnostic, endocrine system. The I-123 is usually used in CPT code 78006 (single determination) or 78007 (multiple determinations). I-131 can also be used. In multiple, be sure it indicates 6 hour and 24 hour determinations.

    Hope this helps!

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