Has anyone coded this surgery? It was done with a laparatomy incision. The surgeon states that dissection was conducted down from the diaphragm to the level of the celiac axis. The trifucation of hte celiac axis was identified and dissected. After this , the surgeon used his index finger and middle finger to create a plane around the aorta on its medial and lateral aspect, crainocaudal and from right to left.
After this, circumferential dissection of the aorta was conducted. Then, the crus of the diaphragm were identified, and using a right-angle clamp, the crus of the diaphragm as well as the diaphragmatic fibers were then divided. The compression on the celiac axis was released and then after this, the anesthesiologist then provided the patient with high volume and we saw no compression on the celiac axis remaining.
Our vascular surgeon was the one who did this procedure.
Thanks for everyone's help!