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Thread: Ureteral stent change- HELP

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    Unhappy Ureteral stent change- HELP

    I am fairly new to Urology and I'm trying to navigate my way around. I don't have full op reports for the most part I'm coding from a procedure card. I am stuck on one thing and no matter how many times I try I can't find the code. I have several cards stating Ureteral Stent change. In all cases there is a cystoscopy done in addition. I only see a percutanious ureteral stent change. I can't find a stent change with a cystoscopy. Should I go with a removal and then stenting seperately??

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    Hi Joan, look toward the cystoscopy codes they begin with 52000. The ureter stent placement is 52332.

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    Thank you . Should I also code the removal? It doesn't seem to be included in the discriptor for 52332?

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    Per NCCI, CPT code 52310 (stent removal) is included in the 52332 when performed at the same operative setting.

    Julie, CPC

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    Thank you
    So I will be using the 52332 for the stent change when there is a cystoscopy. Thank you.

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