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Thread: Psychiatric Admission history and physical

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    Default Psychiatric Admission history and physical

    Question please...I have a patient admitted to inpatient psychiatric care. A psychiatric history and physical is done by the MD. Psych doc bills appropriate CPT code.

    A PA also performs an admission history and physical using the same diagnosis as psych...ex. 311 depression.
    She is billing a subsequent visit code (99232) would this be appropriate? She is not performing a subsequent visit, she is doing a history and physical.


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    I am assuming these services took place on the same day. Does the PA work for the MD? Why did the PA go in at all?

    If the PA works for the MD (MDs group/specialty) it is inappropriate to bill for both an admit and a subsequent care day on the same day. Both are per day charges and cover all members of that group/specialty.

    Laura, CPC, CEMC

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    What if both providers are MD's, one does psych eval and the other does the H&P? But both docs use the same dx?

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