Our doc wants to use cpt 25607 but I'm not too sure, im thinking more like 25608 for two fragments??

incision was made over the distal radius and using a Freer the bone was open and erduced into a reduced position. A 4mm pins from the Hoffmann to compact external fixator was selected. An incision was made over the proximal radius approximately 8cm to 10cm proximal to the adial styloid. Soft tissues were bluntly dissected down to bone. Using the pin guides, the self drilling pins were drilled into the distal radius. A four pin clamp was placed connecting these pins. A proximal pin cluster was thus created. Second incision was made over the second metacarpal. Two 3mm pins from the hoffman two set were placed under power bicortically into the bone. These were connected to a four pin clamp. The distal pin cluster was thus obtained.

thanks for your thoughts