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PRP w adipose blood: can you bill for this procedure done in the office and what codes would you use?.........the patient was brought into the office for the following procedure (supraspinatus full thickness tear dx):.........extraction of adipose sites from his left abdomen, using a 16-gauge needle, a puncture hole was made into the abdomen a manual liposuction to extract about 15cc of adipose tissue, which also contained blood product. This mixture was then settled down and the blood products were extracted out, leaving about 7cc of adipose tissue containing mesenquimal stem cells. 30cc of venous blood was then taken from the patient's rt arm and that was placed into a centrifuge and 3cc of PRP concentrate was obtained. We then added the 3cc of PRP to the 7cc of adipose derived mesenquimal stem cells in a 10cc syringe. We then used a 14-gauge needle to place into the defect under ultrasound guidance. The 10cc of concentrate was put into the defect...........would this be 15877(liposuction) or 20926-52(graft), 36415(venipucture), 20550(injection)....any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance.