Was wondering if anyone can give me advise on this one?

Procedure: right T11 and T12 costotransverse junction steroid injections.

Pt was placed in prone position on the fluoroscopy table. Region overlying the right T11 and T12 costovertebral junctions was identified using superficial landmarks, palpation and fluoroscopy. Skin was prepped and draped in usual sterile fashio. Soft tissues anesthetized using approx 1cc 1% lidocain. A 25 gage spinal needle was used for the T11 costotransverse articulation and a 22 gage, 3.5 in spinal needle was used for the right T12 costotransverse articulation. These were introduced under fluoroscopic guidance. At each of these levels approx 0.5 cc of contrast was injected into the articulation with a normal contrast pattern and no vascular uptake. Each of these articulations was then injected with 1 cc of on percent lidocaine and 0.5 cc of Depo-medrol (80 mg). These needles were then flushed with one percent lidocaine and then removed. Total medicationinjected for both procedures was 2 cc of lidocaine and 1 cc of Depo-medrol (80mg).

Our clinic coded the procedure as a small joint injection CPT 20600 have been unable to find anything that more clearly defines this very specific injection. Would greatly appreciate any advise on this one.

Thanks much!